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Project Management Specialist
Virginia Tech B.S.  Operations Research
Virginia Tech M.S. Artificial Intelligence
FORTRAN, COBOL, PLI, C, Java & Business Software
Computer-Aided Design, Database Design, Graphics, Games & Music
Specifications, Programming Analysis & Remote Control PC Help
Web Site Design For Home & Small Businesses
Astrology CAD Reports For Yourself, Partner Compatibility & Children
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Peggy's Song (Live) - Greg Ferris                   6:36
It's Over (Live) - Denny Smith                         4:52
Wonderin' (Live) - Greg Ferris                          7:17
Professional Backroads Man - Denny Smith    3:25
                           Composer - Tom Farley
Peace Of Mind - Greg Ferris                          4:38
Stars Shine For Everyone - Greg Ferris           3:49
A Shame - Greg Ferris                                  4:57
Save These Beautiful Lands - Denny Smith     3:32
It's All Worthwhile - Greg Ferris                      3:07
Feel Alone - Denny Smith                              3:41
.Good ol' Rock & Roll - Denny Smith                4:08
HAPPY  (C) Copyright 1972 (Live), 1981 (Studio)  All Rights Reserved.  Produced by Lucy Ann Jones

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Sierra (C) Copyright 2004 Sierra Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Produced by Lucy Ann Jones
Sierra - Mike Caviezel                                   3:24