I currently serve the greater San Francisco Bay Area -- call me at (650) 302-3737.

If you are outside of my immediate service area of South San Francisco, but still within a reasonable proximity, I can help you.  A minimum trip charge of $30 per hour will apply.  If you want to convert audio cassette tapes to CD's, the best thing to do is to stop by my place and give me a few days to do a professional job.  When I am finished, you can stop by; or, I can mail your tapes and CD's to you.  If you are not completely satisfied, then I will refund my fee.  Don't worry about them getting lost because I will have the MP3 music files on iTunes stored on my computer for extra copies, too!

Sometimes, just a telephone call is all that is necessary to resolve an issue.  That counts as your free consultation for the first contact and possible solution to your problem over the telephone!  Also, with Internet remote control, I can a quick peek at your PC to give you some free help and try to solve the issue immediately.