Now, I can build you a custom-made PC laptop computer for you with a discount!
I recently customized my own new PC, running Windows 7(R) Professional Edition, which is compatible with Windows(R) XP if it is from Dell!  This is very exciting.  Also, I learned that a 64-bit machine is compatible with 32-bit software!  Several steps are necessary to transfer data from an old PC to a newer PC, running multiple operating systems.  This process is accomplished by restoring select data from a dissimilar PC, for example, from an IBM to a Dell PC, from an old operating system in one partition and a newer operating system in another partition.  I prefer to work on laptops because of their small size.  However, I do have a cart on wheels to help out!

Microsoft has stopped automatic updates to Windows(R) XP on April 8, 2014.


I discovered something that might be very important to all users of any WindowsOS's. When your PC freezes and you might think it is crashing, do not do

a hard shutdown by turning off the power or unplugging it.  Press the CTRL key then the ESC key.  The menu pops up as if you press START.  Then you can do soft re-start or shutdown.  Otherwise, you will have to pray you do not get a power outage screen or blank blue screen, which is even much worse. If that does not work, try CTRL+ALT+DELETE, pressing the keys at the same time all together. The locking up or freezing happens to me about once a month; however, it does come back to life.


When you decide to buy a new PC, please be certain that if you select a 32-bit operating system, then it will be compatible with 16-bit MS-DOS software that runs as an emulator under Windows.  If you decide to buy a high-end 64-bit operating system, then it will NOT be compatible with 16-bit MS-DOS, only 32-bit and 64-bit software!  Also, with a 64-bit operating system, your Windows PC can have double the RAM, up to 8 GB's of RAM, instead of just 4 GB's.  This is more than plenty of RAM (Random Access Memory which is solid-state, purely electronic chipset) to be used in a cache with your internal hard disk drive.


PLEASE be very careful with CTRL+ALT+DEL while the PC is running during a restart, as it may cause your internal hard disk drive to crash!  ONLY attempt this when the operating system software of the PC is completely frozen!  When pressing the keyboard and  there is no response, then it may be necessary to turn off the PC manually, only if the screen does  NOT say, "DO NOT TURN OFF OR UNPLUG!"


I discovered while using my digital camera that requires two AA-size batteries, suddenly stopped working.  I was using lithium batteries which are supposed to last much longer especially in electronic devices.  So, I checked the strength of the batteries using a gauge.  They were okay, but replaced them anyway.  The new lithium batteries did NOT work either!  Now I decided to try brand-new alkaline batteries.  They worked!  I was getting ready to buy a new digital camera!  I had another problem with two AA-size lithium batteries used as a backup if AC power failed in my CD player/clock/radio.  It stopped working except for displaying the time.  So, I took the batteries out and put alkaline AA-size batteries back in.  They worked!  With my portable transistor radio, I was having reception problems and I was using three AA-size lithium batteries.  I decided to replace them with alkaline batteries and, to my surprise, the reception of all AM/FM stations greatly improved!  So, lithium batteries are NOT made for use as a better battery than alkaline batteries in SOME applications.  This does NOT apply to ION rechargeable lithium batteries.


I use Team Viewer for Remote Control to take a peek at your PC screen with your permission, of course!  Before making any modifications, I highly recommend that we backup your PC just in case the Internet crashes, causing your internal hard drive to become corrupted.  Also, I like to do a FULL backup, if your PC has USB 3.0, which is about 10 times faster than USB 2.0, for the backup hard drive.  I am very careful with backing up my PC, having had some bad luck with external hard drives, and like to use two identical backup hard drives!  So, the risk that you decide to take is your responsibility!  Windows(R) 7 has a program as an accessory for a "Remote Desktop Connection" which may be used to peek at your desk top, too!

NEW! - Now, I do over 12 Computer-Aided Design (CAD) astrology charts using High -Tech artificial intelligence to generate reports including the natal chart, romantic compatibility reports for you, your significant other, your family, and for your children. Please contact me for a quote.  I am able to e-mail all the reports as attached files with a 14-day money back guarantee only if as an e-mail or on a CD, which you may print at your convenience. If you require reports printed out and mailed to you, the fee is at least double for paper, ink, and postage, sorry, with NO guarantee!  I need from each of you is your name, natal data information, that is, your gender [Female, Male or Neutral], the date you were born, exact time of birth in HH:MM:SS AM/PM [if unknown, sunrise is the default], town, county, city and state plus the country of place of birth. The data base of cities is over 3,000,000. You can pay with cash, mail me a check, or use PayPal which allows the use of credit cards for the fee. Also, I accept the use of the 4 major credit cards.  l can mail or e-mail to you the reports.  If you do NOT have a high-speed broadband Internet connection I am able to burn a CD with ALL of the reports on it, instead of attached files, whatever is easiest for you.  If interested, please contact me by calling or e-mail me for more information.  Below is the list of all the various reports I can generate, using CAD:  This CAD software technology is the state of the art in artificial intelligence.  First Lady Nancy Reagan, President Ronald Reagan's wife, consulted a professional astrologist to help her plan President Reagan's important meetings and acttivities.  President Reagan was in office from 1981 to 1989.

  • Natal Chart Wheel Graphic in color plus 16-page Chart Interpretation Report.

  • Romantic Compatibility Report -  28 pages of CAD analysis between 2 people.  This 3-part romantic compatibility report features: relationship contrast for the planet sign placements; each person's planets in the other person's houses; and, most importantly, the synastry aspects between the planets of the two charts in the order of strength.  It describes how 2 people interact and affect each other on a daily basis.

  • Personal Path Reports with Professional 30-page Natal Reports

  • Spirit Success Reports 18-page Natal Reports

  • Journey Careers Reports - Career Analysis Natal Interpretations

  • Kid Zone Combo Child Natal Reports - 50 pages aimed at the parents of children.

  • Composite Couples for Relationship Potential reports -Correctly interpreted, composite charts reveal a relationship's potential for happiness and personal growth. We have the most accurate composite reports because CAD research has analyzed composite natal charts for over 1,000 married and divorced couples - enough to finally see what attracts couples and what keeps them together.

  • Life Trends Reports - Professional Transits Interpretations Reports

  • Journey Progressions Reports - Supplemental Interpretation Reports

  • Journey Returns Reports - A 40-page to about 60-pages from the Sun

  • Famous People Natal Charts Reports - Your Natal Chart is compared to the Natal Charts of Famous People throughout History, which includes at
the present time of over 5,302 Celebrities and Historical Figures, Dead
and Alive, with the data base updated often.

SPECIAL ASTROLOGY SALE for the Holiday Season!
Two Natal Chart Interpretation Reports, plus your Romantic Compatibilty Report for two people, e-mailed as attached compressed files for only $9.95! If you prefer, I can burn the reports onto a CD, especially if you do not have high-speed broadband Internet.  Then, you can review the information at your convenience without my service and expense as your printing press.  I promise you a 30-day complete satisfaction guarantee or your money back!  To burn and mail you a CD will be $9.95 extra for USPS 2-Day Priority shipping and handling.  For a printout of the three reports, plus USPS  shipping and handling of USPS 2-Day Priority,  that will be $29.95 and there is NO refund offer for the printout.  The three reports are about 65 pages long.

I offer you "Self-Search Professional" for Windows(R), only $39.95.  This spiritually-oriented psychology-based report writer software program on a CD analyzes your personality after you answer 83 multiple choice questions about what you would do in different situations.  It prints a detailed list of character traits with suggestions for inner growth and development of your best potentials.  This analysis is based on the Seven Rays personality types. Once again, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, with you paying the postage to return the CD.  Also, you must promise to un-install the software program from your PC.

"Biorhythms For Windows(R)" is another interesting software product for only $29.00.  See where you and a loved one are relative to the physical, emotional, and intellectual biorhythm cycles for any day of the month on easy-to-read graphs.  Learn when are your critical days.  Learn how compatible your cycles are with another's?  Printout the biorhythm chart for one, three, six, or 12 months at a time.  Remember, a young and fertile woman has Mother nature's built-in cycle.  The latest version of "Biorhythms Professional For Windows(R)" upgrade version is the software I like to use for only $59.00 (upgrade - $35.00) and can be downloaded from my third-party vendor, with the activation code sent as an e-mail to you.  As usual, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee of the full purchase price if you promise to un-install the software program from your PC!


I have a new service as I invented a fake dollar bill puzzle.  It is considered to be very similar to traditional Japanese Origami artwork.   I charge $4.95 for the puzzle.  The object of the puzzle is to unfold it without tearing it.  Please contact me if you are interested in this puzzle.  Sometimes some people cannot even figure out how to solve the puzzle.  It took a friend of mine about 20 minutes to solve the puzzle.  It takes me 15 to 20 minutes to hand-fold it.  The fake dollar bill is for $1,000,000!


Another new service is converting VHS video tapes onto DVD.  Also, I can transfer your photos and videos from any mobile device and digital camera, for example a "smart phone," and burn a CD/DVD/Blu-ray quickly!  In addition, I need your USB cable to connect the device into my computer.


All of my services are offered with a free consultation and usually will charge $30 per hour.   I'll beat any of my competitor's prices, just ask.  I am sorry I do not work on Apple's MAC; however, you may read the information  below for my super ideas of what you need to know how you can backup whoever makes your computer!  There are even companies that will backup your computer online for a modest monthly fee, or included with the purchase of software with unlimited space available for any size internal system hard disk drive.  Online backup over the Internet is very slow, especially if you do not have high-speed Internet service connection.

I specialize in backup procedures for your computer.  Most people do not back up their internal hard drive, which is a BIG MISTAKE!   I will probably suggest that  we setup a routine of using compatible software and hardware.  For myself, I perform a full backup every week onto two external hard drives.  If you update critical data on your PC, then I recommend a backup of the internal hard drive of your laptop using an external hard drive with the differential option; and, then backup it again onto a DVD burner, also with the differential option, both procedures probably on a DAILY basis.  You should take either your laptop home; or, if you have a big desktop PC, then take your external drive with your daily backup home; or, take your DVD's home.  Or, take your flash drive home.  Put your monthly backup of DVD's into a secure place, maybe a strong, home safe.  Blu-ray discs hold about 25 GB's of data if you want to archive your data on a monthly basis.  I have discovered the restore point for the Windows(R) XP operating system does NOT work reliably.  Usually, Windows(R) 7 does set a restore point when updating the operating system with a patch, and seems to work.  However, some other updates to third-party software do NOT automatically set a restore point.  So, protect yourself with caution?

If you have a newer PC with USB 3.0 ports, it is very fast to backup the entire internal hard drive onto two external hard drives (a FULL backup) whenever an update needs to be performed.  This may mean to do it on a DAILY basis.  Also, the newer PC's often come with a SSD (Solid State Drive) cache, which speeds up the internal hard drive performance.  Take one external hard drive home after afterwards if you wish.  External hard disk drives are smaller now, and can be put into your purse!  Forget about using flash drives and DVD's.  I really don't recommend using an Internet online server for a backup because it is just to slow to recover your system and is expensive.  If do use the Internet online as a backup process, you have to use a very high-speed business broadband cable, probably a fiber optic cable, not copper wire.  Be careful with the Internet online backup because it can go down at any time and corrupt the backup storage on the server.  Then, you might be SOL with a corrupt internal hard disk drive!
                                                                                                                                   There are three types of backup procedures: full, incremental, and differential.  A full backup takes into account ALL files including files that have been deleted; however, an incremental or differential only performs a backup on new or changed files.  An incremental does a backup on new or changed files since the last full backup which must be done first, followed by subsequent incremental procedures; in addition, another incremental backup only backs up new or changed files since the last incremental backup, setting the archive flag.  Again, a full backup has to be performed before starting to use a differential backup.  The differential procedure does NOT set the archive flag like an incremental which means it will backup all new and changed files since the full backup.  If you are doing two or more identical backup copy procedures, like I do on two external hard  drives and/or onto DVD's then you should use the differential option, after doing the full backup first.  If you delete lots of files and feel you need to take into account the deleted files, then go ahead and perform full backup procedures and forget about the incremental or differential options.  If all of this seems too complicated, then do a full backup.
                                                                                                                                     The price of external hard drives has dropped very much recently, with 1,500 GigaBytes drives (One Terabyte) under $100.  Furthermore, external hard drives are smaller, faster, and more portable now.  A DVD backup is a time-consuming process even though a disc is less than 50 cents a piece if you find it on sale.   A DVD/CD burner is also less than $100 if it does not come with your PC.  The software to backup is under $50. The backup software comes with other useful utilities.  I will shop around for you to find you the best price for your backup software and hardware.  Flash drives which are the size of a pack of chewing gum are an option if you can afford one or two to backup a small internal hard drive to a flash drive.  If you have a larger internal hard drive but only use a very small amount of space, the flash drive might be the right thing for you to do.  I have had problems with the reliability of flash drives.  There is a reliability problem with using more than one flash drive. Flash drives are much slower than an external hard drive; moreover, burning DVD's is also faster than a flash drive. I found out recently about Solid State Drives (SSD) with a capacity of 60 GigaBytes, and the price is $150. The speed of a SSD is about 5 minutes or less. Maybe having two identical external hard drives is the BEST solution, in case one of the external hard drives crashes. I have had bad luck with external hard drives failing.  I still believe a full backup to DVD's is a good idea to archive data before you delete backup's on external hard drives just in case you need to recover files from the past. To backup to DVD's should be done every month; then, take the collection of DVD's home, and put them in a small home safe. You may need my help to recover from a system failure.  Please don't be shy to give me a call! Short cuts not recommended are an incremental backup only, and a backup procedure without a verification of the data written from the system hard disk drive to the backup product  New technology finally available to new PC's and even MAC's now is the Universal Serial Bus (USB) 3.0.  USB 3.0 is 10 times faster than high-speed USB 2.0.  With new USB 2.0/3.0 speed improvements comes faster external hard drives, and faster Solid State Drives (SSD).  There are compatibility kits to help bridge the gap for older PC's with USB 2.0 and backup devices with USB 2.0/3.0.  In most cases, older PC's do NOT have room for an extra slot for a USB 3.0 to make the mother board upgrade to USB 3.0.  It is best to buy another new PC.


I have had several projects converting music from the old-fashioned audio cassette tapes onto Compact Discs.  I have a special cassette recorder/player which plugs into the USB port of my computer.  The software creates a MP3 file for each track and uses iTunes to convert the music to prepare the music to be burned onto CD.  I even had one project starting with a vinyl record using a turntable, recording it to a cassette tape first, then converting the tape to MP3 files using iTunes.  From now on, I would check the library to check and see if the vinyl record is already available on CD.  It is very sad that many CD's from the library are in poor to fair condition.  I have had to use Skip Dr. to re-surface the CD into better condition for iTunes.


I started designing and re-designing my own web site since 2007.  Now I know how to do one for home and small businesses.  Homestead has over 2000 pre-designed templates, so I don't have to start from scratch for each customer.  Rates to publish a site start at $4.99 per month; and, the first trial month is FREE.  One company that advertises on television will do you a custom made site and maintenance for a rip-off price of about $100 a month.  Microsoft's software for web site design is called "Front Page."  My idea is to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) and use Homestead, which has free phone support.  I have made lots of calls to them for help on web site development, all done without consulting a book.  Another company that may rip you off is with 24/7/365 tech support?

My fee for web site design starts at $30 an hour.  I won't over-charge you, especially if you are not pleased with the results.  I will start with a template that we both like.

Estimate for software and hardware to backup is $125 to $200, depending on the level of security that you want plus my time at $30 per hour.

Virus Detection & Removal  Estimate; $100

I highly recommend "SYSTEM MECHANIC" to keep your PC software tuned up and your internal hard drive optimized every time you turn on your PC!


Even though hardware is not my specialty, I have a very good team of friends I highly recommend to take care of the upgrade to solve your hardware problems at a very reasonable price.  They can also setup a network of PC's to share printers and other accessories.  See below their business information:

    Atman Computer & Graphics
    Windows and Apple PC, iPod, iPad, and iPhone Service                        
    Gary Fung - Owner and Technical Guru
    Go to Gary before Office Depot and Best Buy for the BEST & FAST service!
    Gary is an expert of retrieving corrupted hard drive data if it fails!
    TIP-Try using MS-DOS command CHKDSK C: /F to correct bad sectors, etc.
    If you forgot your PC password and have tried all day long, Gary can solve it!
    800 El Camino Real #100
    Millbrae, CA  94030
    (650) 827-0832  FAX: (650) 827-1606
    Web site:

    Fix Laptop Dot Com
   1579 El Camino Real
    Millbrae, CA  94030
    (650) 827-9990
    Web site: